WPC profiles is easy to install for indoor, outdoor and in adverse environmental conditions such as in or near salt water, swimming pool surrounds. WPC profiles does not require painting or polishing as it is already antislip.

Site Storage and Handling

  • WPC profiles should not be dumped or dropped when unloading
  • WPC profiles should be unpacked, stored on a flat surface and supported.
  • WPC profiles should be carried on edge for better support.
  • WPC profiles can be fixed to wood, steel or aluminum, concrete.


Joist and stud Framing

  • 400mm max centres and battens as required.
  • Ribbed face allows air circulation around the top edge of the joist thus minimizing the possibility of moisture damage to the joist.
  • Joist bearers or battens should be of treated timber and level finished between the inside floor and the deck level is required.

Adjustments may need to be made. To adjust the boards, do not hit the board directly with hammer, but use small piece of wood so as not to damage the ends off the boards.

When fully adjusted all the connectors can be tightly screwed down, using long shaft drivers of less than 5mm No # 1 shaft diameter to avoid damage to the board edges.                                   



  • WPC profiles can be worked with ordinary wood working tools
  • WPC profiles is installed with hidden connectors, slotted into groves along the edge of the decking. Clips to be screwed to joists or battens with the recommended screws. Always use one connector per decking at a butt joint to hold the decking down properly.



         Outdoor composite decking board (Balcony composite)


Clean and care

  • To clean WPC profiles scrub with a soft bristle brush with soap powder and rinse thoroughly to remove all residue.
  • To repair scratch mark, just sand using normal sander.